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"Karnataka surely is one of the most admired tourist destination in India. Providing attraction ranging from the heights of ever green hillstations to the sands of splendid beaches, Karnataka perfectly personifies the word 'Exquisite'. Home to the famous Mysore Palaces and magnificent temples, Karnataka also has something for the history buffs and pilgrims."
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Mysore Palace - Mysore City
Mysore Palace - Mysore City

Karnataka - Soul of South India

Sitting imperiously on the southern side of Indian mainland, Karnataka borders with rest of the three states of South India. The state possesses one of the most gifted landscapes with ravishing beaches to cloud covering mountains and the most glorious history in Southern India. With rich heritage and diverse culture, Karnataka offers you, what others just boast of. Sprinkled with the best temples in entire India, most well kept wildlife sanctuaries, and highest waterfalls of India, no traveler to India can't even think of leaving out Karnataka. The state is the eighth largest state in India with 29 districts, and covers an area of 191.791 sq. Km.

Karnataka not only has a long history that can be drawn back to Paleolithic Age, but throughout its journey, Karnataka has stood witness to some of the most influential events in Indian history. Karnataka has come under the rule of many famous dynasties that have had their powers in other states as well. Nanda Dynasty is probably the earliest known kingdom of Karnataka. They were succeeded by Mauryans, Kadambas, Vijayanagar Rulers, Hoysalas. It was during the period of Vijayanagar and Hoysalas that most of the magnificent temples of Karnataka were built. They can also be termed as the golden years of Karnataka. The state also served to the mighty Islamic forces that took from the Hindu rulers around 16th century. Most turbulent times in Karnataka were seen during the rule of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan who were not able to keep British at bay for long. In 1799, British Raj took over. Originally called as 'State of Mysore', the state was renamed Karnataka in 1973.

With its capital at Bangalore, Karnataka is among the fastest growing states in India. Bangalore is considered as the 'IT' city of India. It is also one of the four metro cities in India. Not only is Karnataka a rapidly developing states, it also treasures and preserves its history. Temples and historical monuments are the main attraction in Karnataka that beckon tourists to these shores again and again. Hampi, that was just a name till few years ago, is now one of the most visited destinations in South India after it was recognized as a world Heritage site by UNESCO. The temples, many of which are in ruins now, still have the same aura and elegance, which they had, when they were built. Hampi temples are considered to be the epitome of temple architecture. The statue of Lord Bahubali in Shravanabelagola, which is the highest monolithic statue in the world, attracts a lot of pilgrims. Mahamastakabhisheka festival is another magnet for pilgrims. Man made wonders are not the only things you will see in Karnataka. Nature too has been immensely benevolent on the state. Karnataka has some of the highest waterfalls and pristine beaches in India. Even the cuisine is rated as an attraction of the state. The variety of dishes and their tastes are simply irresistible.

Soothing for eyes, great for tongue, rejuvenating for mind and divine for soul, Karnataka just refuses to fade away from your heart and memories. To get the best and most of Karnataka, even a lifetime seems small. So don't waste even a moment, just pack your bags and come to Karnataka that has something splendid to offer to one and all.

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