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"If you are looking for something that takes you closest to the natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, then there is nothing better way of exploring the green vegetation of alpine region. Choose from the various trekking tours that will take you to the top of the snow-clad mountains or deep into the holy shrines of Jammu and Kashmir always keeping you in touch with the splendid natural beauty."
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Jammu and Kashmir Trekking

Trekking in Kashmir
Trekking in Kashmir

Conquering The Gaints

Trekking safely captures the top spot in tourist's list of things to do. Set amidst the highest and youngest mountain range in the world, there is an overflow of well defined trekking tracks in Jammu and Kashmir. The state is the best known trekking region in the whole country. All tracks are surrounded by such exquisite sceneries, that you will spend double the time that is actually required to cover the track. These trek routes also prove to be a great way to exploring the real life in the many villages of the state that adorn these routes. Of all the three regions in the state, the best region for trekking undoubtedly is Ladakh. The best thing about trekking here is that you need not be a professional or an experienced trekker. Definitely, Himalayas are one of the toughest ranges to trek on due to the extreme climatic conditions, but these giants also have many gentle slopes that are the best tutors any learner can ever get. Before starting your trek tour, there are few things that you must know about trekking and the state as a whole.

Famous Trekking Routes

The most famous of all trekking routes in Jammu and Kashmir is none other than Amarnath Yatra. This trek starts from Pahalgam and goes to one of the holiest Hindu shrines, the Amarnath cave. During the trek you will not have to face any problem as the Yatra is strictly under the guidelines set by the concerned Indian Authority. The trek will take you through areas namely Chandanwadi, Sheshnag and Mahagunas Pass. This trek not only serves the purpose of pilgrimage tour but also turns out to be a perfect outing in the serene environment.

Ladakh being the major center for trekking, has numerous trekking routes most of which have not yet been conquered. The most famous trek is in the remote Zanskar valley. The trek will take you through Panzila top which is at an altitude of 4400 m above sea level and to the mighty Drang- Drung glacier. There are many more frequently trekked routes that have their base in Gulmohar. The most important being the tour to northern Pir Pranjal Range. Other major treks from here take you to Ferozepur Nala, Danwas and Tejjan.

Other Important Information

The best time for trekking in the state is in the summers, that is from July to September. Try to avoid the extreme winter season because during this time snowfall is at its peak and this makes trekking really treacherous. Before you indulge in any form of adventure it is best that you get accustomed to the local climate especially in Ladakh. Due to the high altitude, the amount of oxygen is quite low and if you are not acclimatized, you may feel dizziness. It is better to take your tour with a professional agency as they provide you with some special equipments that you probably might not carry. And as far as staying option is concerned, there is accommodation in and around all major trek routes. Trekking in Jammu and Kashmir is immensely different from what you would have experienced till now. So much is the variety that you can engage yourself for one day, one week or even for one month. If you wish for something unique, something that is simply above this world, come to J&K and indulge in trekking that will help you leave all your burdens under the hill.

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