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"Rafting in the speeding rivers of Jammu and Kashmir is probably the wildest adventure you will under go, spend your valuable vacations rafting down the meandering river Indus. Take up a river rafting tour and enjoy the various rapids of the river that will surely your breath away."
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Jammu And Kashmir Rafting

Rafting in Kashmir
Rafting in Kashmir

Rafting in J&K - Life In The Fast Flow

There are so many things to do in Jammu and Kashmir but nothing more challenging than rafting in the white waters of the many rivers that cut through the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The two most famous rivers where you can go for this extreme sport is River Indus and Zanskar river. River Lidder also has few stretches that are good enough to keep you enthralled. The rivers run trough few of the most mesmerizing landscapes, giving you the opportunity to explore those wonders of nature, which are otherwise unreachable through land routes. Few stretches are big enough that they take days to complete. And in between, you will stay in camps set up under the snow-capped mountains and hilltop monasteries, just by the sides of these roaring rivers. Though there are rafting options in Jammu and Kashmir region but they don't compare up to rafting in Ladakh region, especially in Zanskar. There are many private agencies that offer these rafting trips. In other adventure sports, you get training sessions before you indulge in the real thing, but rafting is something where there can be no trial runs. All you get are few precaution tips and safety presentation. Here only the real thing prepares you for the real thing.

Famous River Rafting Destinations

The best place in Jammu and Kashmir where you can indulge in River Rafting is in River Lidder near Pahalgam. The river hosts the two different stretches, which are quite suitable for river rafting. They are great for rafting but they cannot be called treacherous as the slopes are not that steep, and this attribute of the river is idle location for the first timers and learners. One can go for a daylong excursion to the river. You can also take up white water canoeing in rivers like Sindh and Drass and Suru and in the many high altitude lakes like Gangabal, Kaunsarnag and Vishensar. The facilities for this sport are not very advanced since the sport is only just catching up in the state. But still, its worth the time and money that you will spend on it.

Rafting In Ladakh Region

This is the place where you will have an appointment with and the roaring and thrashing beast, the Zanskar river. The Zanskar is graded as a class IV, extremely rough river. But the first look of the river will be deceiving and the thought that the said difficulty of the river seems exaggerated will definitely cross your mind. The rafting trip will be few days long and the first two days might not feel that adventurous. But hold on, the real test begins after two days of rapids. The next few days you will be hitting fast rapids in the deep gorges and reveal it yourself why this rated so high. Apart from Zanskar River, Indus River also is a great option for thrilling white water rafting.

The best time for rafting in Jammu and Kashmir is during summer time when the rivers are full of water. In winters many rivers and lakes get frozen. Even in summers the water is freezing cold. So it is advised that you wear a wet jacket before you indulge in this sport. Rafting is an extremely challenging sport so do not ignore the precautionary measures and warning signs that your tour guide tells you to look out for. Make sure that there are adequate rescue measures before you embark on this adventurous thrilling sport.

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