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"Taste the most sumptuous cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir that is fast extending its flavors around the Globe. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian, thetraditional dishes of Jammu and Kashmir has will make you crave for more once you get a taste of them. In fact, just the aroma of Kashmiri food will do the trick of enticing you."
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Jammu and Kashmir is known for it's various traditional cousines

Kashmiri Chicken Tikka
Kashmiri Chicken Tikka

Cuisine of J&K - Art of Dining

Cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir has become world famous for its uniqueness and variety. The most famous Kashmiri non-veg dishes named Wazwan are seekh kababs, tabak maz Roganjosh, Yakhni and Gushtaba, and the renowned veg dishes are Dum Aloo and Chaman. The cuisine is now compared to other international cuisine's like Continental cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine. Cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is nothing less than a treasure for the food lovers. The cuisine here is absolutely different from the cuisine of north India. In fact, every region has its own specialty. Unlike in other parts of India, the meals here are highly dominated by non- vegetarian dishes and the staple food here is rice. The variety during festivals is simply unimaginable and this variety brings a new edge to your travel in J&K during festivals. One thing you will never remember about your meal are the number of dishes you had as you will be served with endless amount of courses. The use of spices in every dish is also highly intriguing in Kashmiri food.

Non Vegetarian Delicacies

In J&K, the one thing that everyone has almost every second day is non-vegetarian food. The grand feast, the 36-course meal that is called Wazwan, has around 30 non-veg dishes. The people who cook these gigantic feasts are called 'Wazas', the descendants of great chefs who were the masters of the unique art of cooking. The experimentation with the food that they do, is simply astounding. Almost every dish has a variant that is as good as the original, if not better. The main item that is served is rista (meatballs). They are made by finely smashing mutton and cooking it in gravy. In fried variety, you will find seekh kababs, tabak maz which are fried till the time they get a very crunchy and crispy texture. Other famous and mouth watering non veg dishes that are served in the Wazwan are Roganjosh, Yakhni and Gushtaba. The cuisine in the Ladakh area has a strong resemblance to the cuisine in Tibet and the cooking style is also very similar. The Ladakhis prefer to eat rice, wheat, millet, yak butter, and other dairy products along with vegetables and fruits.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Although you will not find many vegetarian dishes here, but few that are there are exquisitely delicious. The most famous veg dish of all is Dum Aloo (steam cooked potato curry) and Chaman (cheese) that have made a mark not only in J&K but in entire country. Few years back, a pure vegetarian had to struggle a lot to find a suitable place where he can get vegetarian food. But now, keeping its tradition of warm hospitality, the state has opened up many restaurants that cater to their vegetarian guests and take good care of them.

After such a sumptuous meal, one really does not have any space left in stomach, but try making a bit as the special sweet dish is still remaining. Fireen is the name of that special dish that will keep your taste buds happy till the time you remember this dish. You can also enjoy the local snacks like Sheermal and baqerkhani, tsot and tsochvoru are different form of Kashmiri breads. All this only adds to the already vast range of delicacies in the Jammu and Kashmir cuisine.

So much variety, so many flavors, such taste, you will get all this only in the cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir. The tremendous options and variety of food is seldom seen any place else. There are many hotels and restaurants that offer you the best of dishes from Kashmir. So don't miss the opportunity to visit this land and savor the treat to your tongue.

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