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"Jammu and Kashmir is brimmed with sceneric splendors and the locations to take up any kind of aero-sports activities on the snow-clad mountain peaks of Himalayas. Indulge in he most thrilling and breathtaking experiences of hot air ballooning and para-gliding across the mountainous regions, over the green meadows and above the meandering lakes and rivers."
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Aerosports In Jammu and Kashmir

Para Gliding
Para Gliding

Fly High With Aero-sports Stimulation

This is your opportunity to soar above the clouds and experience the feeling of flying without wings. Have you ever imagined how charismatic green grasslands and snow covered mountains look from the skies, well its time that you let your imagination rest for some time and go for the real experience. And one thing is sure that there is no place better than Jammu and Kashmir that offers such magnificent facilities for aerosports. The presence of Himalayas gives the state an added natural edge over other states. The high ranges make the perfect setting for sports like Para gliding and Para sailing and hot air ballooning. The two main centers for aero-sports in Jammu and Kashmir are Jammu and Sanasar.

Para Gliding

Para gliding without a doubt is one of the safest and easiest ways to touch the skies and canter along with the clouds. The state receives tourists who are not very knowledgeable about the technique and precautions to be taken during the flight. For them, the government has opened up many institutes that train them for the sport. There are many private run agencies which offers training for gliding. You are even taken on a flight with an expert who does all the flying and all you do is look down on the snow-capped mountains and get spellbound.

Para Sailing

It's not been long since Para sailing has been introduced in Jammu and Kashmir, but the state has quickly evolved into a great Para sailing destination with the coming of extremely organized and professional Para sail operators. This is a sport where the person is towed behind a vehicle while being attached to a parachute. Earlier this sport was only held in open waters, but now it is also carried on in vast open lands. Jammu and Kashmir has ample of such areas, which makes it a virtual heaven for parasailing lovers. Like in many other adventures, Zanskar here also is among the top destinations where tourists wish to go to indulge in this fast paced activity.

Hot Air Ballooning

Everybody knows what balloons are and how they look like, but there may be few that would like to know what hot air ballooning is all about. Well this is the oldest flight technology that man victoriously used, to take him into the open skies. With time, this has become a recreational activity that is terrifically famous among adventure enthusiasts and tourists. Hot air ballooning is absolutely perfect for letting all your worries go down the drain, or rather, letting them go up with flames. The flight on a hot air balloon is spectacularly silent, except when the propane burners are on. And since the balloon is steered completely by wind, you will not even feel the breeze disturbing the peace. Many have experienced the fun of this special outing in J&K and the verdict is out, nothing compares up to hot air ballooning and Jammu and Kashmir is much more mesmerizing when seen from high skies.

Aerosports in Jammu and Kashmir is without a doubt the best way of experiencing thrills and solitude together. Above the whole world, you float in the open skies, like a bird without a destination. Such is the feeling that you will never want to step down on earth ever again. Come to this one of a kind state that offers the chance of turning your dreams into reality.

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