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"Race the speeding water of Himachal Pradesh rivers while Rafting. Let the water splash on your face and refresh your body and soul like never before."
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Rafting in Satluj river near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Rafting in Satluj river near Shimla

For adventure lovers, Himachal Pradesh in India is a destination par excellence. Amongst many adventure sports that can be enjoyed in Himachal, trekking, skiing, gliding and rafting are the most popular ones. The last one, rafting, is also known as the white water rafting and can be enjoyed to the maximum extent in the state of Himachal. The reason for this is the presence of a number of snow fed rivers in the state that rush down the Himalayan ranges and make their way through the various regions. These rivers bumping, swirling and rolling present wonderful stretch of water for rafting enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the rivers of upper Himalayas are considered the best in the entire world for enjoying rafting.

While rafting, the fun and thrill is at its peak. With water rushing at great speed and sometimes even splashing at your body and face, you feel completely delighted. Moreover, the sights enroute will give a new dimension and direction to your imagination.

Rafting Places In Himachal

There are four rivers in Himachal that offer opportunities to enjoy white water rafting. These rivers flow in the north westerly direction and are almost parallel to one another. The first of these, Beas has its genesis in the Rohtang Pass and flows through the Kullu valley. Rising from the Raigarh glacier, river Ravi makes its way down Chamba valley. The third river, Chenab originates from the tributaries, Chandra and Bhagha and passes swiftly through the Chenab or Pangi valley. It finally enters the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Lastly, there is Satluj river that originates beyond Indian borders and enters the country near Shipkila and is later joined by the Spiti river at Khab. This river flows through Kinnaur and Shimla.

Amongst all these river, rafting in Beas has gained tremendous popularity. You can raft on the rapids of Beas, specially between Shamsi and Aut. This is around 20 km stretch and provides most thrilling rafting experience. This river is also the venue for many rafting competition in the state. And while talking about venues for rafting races, the Sutlej near Shimla, Ravi near Chamba and the Chandra in Lahaul are not behind. Only chances for rafting races are being found out on the Spiti river.

Tourists Info

The first important thing to know about rafting in Himachal is the season in which it can be enjoyed. Summers, spring and autumn are the time to go on a rafting since during winters and part of monsoons, this sport is stopped for a while.

The equipments required for river rafting are provided by HTPDC, Himachal Tourism Development Corporation. These equipments include dinghy (inflatable rubber life raft), lifejackets and helmets. Apart from these, an expert guide is also provided for the benefit of rafters. There are certain things, that you will need to carry yourself as well. Amongst these items are sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, shorts, T-shirts, suitable shoes, a windproof jacket, a light sweater, towels, a flashlight and not to forget, a camera and first aid kit. Those who are under medication must carry their required medicine along. You can carry your personal items in a small dry box or a bag.

Certain items that definitely need to be left behind are your car keys, wallets and cell phones

Courses in river rafting are offered by both HPTDC and private operators. It is quiet easy to learn rafting with the help of expert trainers in a matter of just a few hours.

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