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"The benevolence of mother nature to the state of Himachal Pradesh is visible the moment you set your eyes on the serene lakes and hot springs. And you do not really need to look out for them, since there are a number of lakes and springs around the state."
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Lakes And Springs

Chandartal Lake,  Himachal Pradesh
Chandartal Lake, Himachal Pradesh

The land of Himachal Pradesh is a visual delight for the lovers of nature. There are a number of lakes in the state that contribute to enhance the beauty of the state. Moreover, each of the lake has a legend attached to it which makes it all the more attractive. Quiet a few hot springs are also there in the state which make for an interesting visit.

Famous Lakes
Renuka Lake

Other Famous Lakes

Rewalsar Lake

Located at an altitude of 1360m and a distance of 24 km from Mandi town, the Rewalsar Lake is square in shape. The legend behind the lake states that it was formed when at the orders of the king Arshadhara of Zahor, his own daughter and Padmasambhava were punished. The latter was burnt alive in secluded place which for around a week after it continued to be covered by smoke. The king, rather surprised, visited the place himself and found out that a lake had appeared at the place. The king apologised to the saint and married off his daughter to Padamsambhava. From then onward, the lake became a pious place for Buddhist. The Hindus too have their own beliefs that make the lake sacred for them.

The Lake is famous for its floating island which is believed to house the spirit of Padamasambhava. There is also a small zoo located closeby the lake.

Khajjiar Lake

A perennial lake that does not depend on rain water to fill it. It is rather fed by slim streams and has large glades of Khajjar around it. Together, the lake and the glade are held in high esteem by the Khajjang. The Kalatop Sanctuary surround the 1 km wide and 1.5 km long lake. As for the location of the lake is concerned, it is 16 km from Dalhousie and 25 km Chamba.

Dal Lake

This lake in the district of Kangra is also regarded sacred by the people and has a small Shiva Temple on its bank. Every year in the month of September, the surrounding area of the lake becomes venue for a fair. This fair is attended by a large number of people including Gaddi folk.

Brighu Lake

This lake is named after Rishi Brighu and is considered extremely sacred. Situated in the Kullu district, the lake is around 6 km from the village of Gulaba. People from all over Kullu, Mandi and Lahaul valley frequent this lake a lot despite the fact that its shore lacks any human settlement. The lake is around 3 to 4 m deep and is blanketed by snow throughout the winter season.

Parashar Lake

This Lake is associated with renowned Rishi Parashar and is nestled in a cup like valley, 30 - 40 km from Mandi town. A temple dedicated to the sage occupies the side of the lake. The temple is three tiered Pagoda styled temple is worth a visit. Every year in the month of June, a fair attracts a whole lot of visitors to this lake.

Manimahesh Lake

Manimahesh lake is situated at a height of 4080 m in the district of Chamba, around 32 km from Bharmaur. The lake lies at the foothills of the Manimahesh Kailash which is considered an abode of Lord Shiva. As such the lake itself is believed to under the protective aegis of Lord Shiva. People also believe that the lake enjoys the blessings of Goddess Kali as well. A fair is organised here on an annual basis in the month of August or September.

Chandartal Lake

At an altitude of 4300 m, the Chandartal Lake is situated at a distance of around 6 km from the Kunzam Pass (the one that joins Lahaul and Spiti). It is believed to be the same place from where Yudhishtra, the eldest of Pandava brothers, embarked on his journey to heavens in his mortal form along with Lord Indra.

Other Lakes Of Himachal Pradesh

Suraj Tal Lake, Govindsagar Lake, Nako Lake, Chamera Lake, Pandoh Lake, Kumarwah Lake, Karaeri Lake, Ghadhasaru Lake, Prashar Lake, Kunt Bhayog Lake, Kalasar Lake, Sukhsar Lake, Dashir Lake, Chander Naun, Lama Dal Lake and Mahakali Lake.

Famous Hot Springs

Hot Springs At Manikaran

The springs are associated with Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati. It is believed that while bathing once in the pond, goddess Parvati lost her ear rings. When she informed Shiva about it, he was enraged. He looked down at the water with anger making it boil. A number of ear rings came out of the water, though since then, it has been boiling continuously. The temperature is so high that those not quiet used to it find difficult to even stand nearby for a long period. Moreover, the hot water is also used to cook food. The nearby gurudwara, which serves the accommodation purpose of the visiting tourists, also makes use of the water of the spring to prepare food.

Moreover, the water is also supposed to have medicinal values capable of curing diseases like rheumatism and muscular pains. The Hot Springs are located at Manikaran in the Kullu district and spread over an area of 1.3 km.

Hot Springs At Vashisht

This one is also located in the district of Kullu at Vashisht. The spring comes out from the granitic gnessies which are abundantly found in this part of Himalayas. The village, which is very small, finds mention in the tourists map because of this spring. The spring water, with temperature ranging from 110°F to 123°F, also has curative powers. Numerous people take a dip in its water on daily basis. Infact, there is also a separate tank for women.

Hot Springs At Tattapani

Located in the Mandi district around 51 km from Shimla, this is a natural sulphur spring. Its curative powers is helpful in warding off various nagging ailments. The level of water in the spring keeps on increasing and decreasing depending upon the water level of the Satluj river.

Hot Springs at Kasol

This spring is at a distance of around 32 km from Bhuntar which is where the Kullu airport is located. The spring is quiet close to the spring of Manikaran, however, the temperature of water here is much lower.

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