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"Hang Gliding and Para Gliding - two different yet similar ways to leave your tensions behind and enjoy. Soaring above in the sky, gliding will make you feel free and jubilant."
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Paragliding in Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Paragliding in Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

About Gliding In Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever felt the urge to soar high above in the sky like a bird and feel completely detached from your day to day tensions? If yes, then gliding is what you must try out. Gliding includes paragliding and hang gliding. The former makes use of 'thermals' as the driving force. Hang gliding is not very different from paragliding. The hang glider makes use of air current to rise above in the sky. Tied to a keel with large blades, the glider runs down the hill at a 40 degree slope. As a result of his running, air fills in the columns of the keel which finally enables the glider to take off. With experience, the height to which a glider can soar increases a lot.

Paragliding is a combination of hang gliding and parachuting. However, it is not parachuting altogether as many of you might think. The difference between the two lies in the fact that a paraglider is made of non porous sail cloth. Its cells are open in the front while at the back they are closed. Also, a paraglider is collapsible wing made of light weight space age material. This is not so with a parachute.

Paragliding And Hang Gliding Places In Himachal Pradesh

Kangra valley is the at the centre of gliding activities in Himachal Pradesh. Bir and Billing in Kangra are considered extremely happening place for enjoying both paragliding and hang gliding. The Billing peak has played host to five national and three international hang-gliding rallies since 1984.

Paragliding is also possible at Bundla Dhar near Bilaspur, in the Kullu valley and at Intkali in the Pabbar valley near Rohru.

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If you are desirous of enjoying gliding, then you must be aware of certain facts. Physical and mental fitness are of utmost importance for the sports. If you are suffering from any form of disability, you would do better by avoiding the sport all together. Also, you should not take up the sport in case you are a patient of high/low blood pressure or are overweight. Gliding in Himachal requires you to be between 45 to 85 kgs. Moreover, you also need to be over 15 years of age.

Once, sure of your fitness, do not just relax and ignore safety instructions given by the instructor. These instructors are there for your safety and you must follow their advice under all circumstances. Do not get impatient to reach high in case you are gliding for the first time. Remember, it takes time to master any sport.

Equipments for gliding in Himachal Pradesh area available at Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. The department also provides guides and instructors for your benefit. Essential equipments include glider, a harness, a helmet, a reserve parachute and a variometer. The last one helps to gauge the ascent or descent.

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