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"Visit the cities and regions of Himachal Pradesh, for it is there where you will get maximum fun and satisfaction. Each of these cities and regions have a distince charm of its own."
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Shimla,  Himachal Pradesh
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

A visit to Himachal Pradesh means a journey into a land that has treasures at every step to discover. No one can go back from Himachal without being impressed by what it has to offer for relaxation, sightseeing, fun and spiritual upliftment.

The cities and regions of Himachal Pradesh are the prime tourist destinations. They encompass within their area a splendid combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Exploring them during your vacation can become highly fruitful activity. There are some cities and regions that are popular mainly amongst the pilgrims while there are others that attract the lovers of adventure and fun. There are still other cities and regions that are known to soothe a tired soul with their calming beauty, where you can spend some quiet moments with yourself.

Fairs and festivals of some of the cities make them extremely lively at certain point of time in the year. During this time, the city becomes a highlight in the state. Colourful attire and glittering jewelleries lend extra charm to the festivals.

So, visit these cities and region during your visit to Himachal Pradesh and enjoy a funfilled vacation. To make your stay in the state even more pleasurable, there are heritage hotels offering you unlimited luxury.

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