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"Mapusa is Goa's third largest town and is the capital of the northern Bardez taluka. It is mainly a town with the surrounding beach areas of Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna and Baga among others. It is a small beautiful town with mostly modern building spread around the slopes of a small hillock."
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Friday Market Mapusa Goa
Friday Market Mapusa- Goa

The name Mapusa is derived from the Konkani term, maap, which means measure and sa which means fill up. Mapusa is the third largest city in the state of Goa and has a history of its own. It is believed that much before the Portuguese, or even the Aryans, Marathas and Sultans set their feet on the land of Goa, Mapusa was a well developed gaunkari or community farming system. The system had the people of the villagers coming together to work on the community land. The ensuing profit was divided between the workers accordingly.

Mapusa is said to have developed by the grace of Lord Bodhgeshwar who has a temple dedicated to him. The increasing number of devotees visiting the temple gradually paved way for the market that sold essential material needed for puja.

For tourist visiting Mapusa, there is not much in the form of sightseeing. However, there are definitely few attractions that will wind you during your stay in the town.

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Friday Market

Come Friday, and the quaint little town of Mapusa burst into colours of enthusiasm. This is the time when the normally quiet city and its people come out of their house in large numbers and make their way towards the Friday Market. The market is located just outside the Municipal Market of Mapusa and sees a number of traders from all over Goa coming in to sell their products. "And what exactly are the products?", you might just ask. Well, their are a range of it, right from spices and T shirts to trinkets, sausages, straw hats, dried fish and furniture.

The prices of the products are pretty reasonable. Still just donot give what is demanded at first. Infact, you might just keep in mind that bargaining in Mapusa is an integral part of shopping. Without it, you'll either end up paying more or miss out the intrinsic fun associated with it.

The market is not only meant to provide you a shopping platform for Goan goods. Rather, it is a chance for you to see Goan life at its most real. Observe the way people dress, talk and interact with each other, and you will get a fair idea about the life in Goa.

Bodhgeshwar Temple

If you are one of those who simply need a wish to be fulfilled, then do make a visit to the Bodhgeshwar Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Bodhgeshwar who sat below a banyan tree and solved the problems of the people who came in. Goans still have huge faith in the power of the god as such they flock in large numbers to seek the help of Lord Bodhgeshwar. For those who desperately need a wish to be fulfilled, a vow has to be taken. When their wish is granted, the devotees need to fulfil their commitment to the god.

A mela is organised every third week of January and attracts a number of devotees to the temple.

Hanuman Theatre

This one is for the lovers of performing arts. The theatre, right across the Bodhgeshwar temple, is the place where local plays known as tiatra in Konkani is staged quiet often. Moreover, Marathi dramas and performances by theatrical and musical group from the rest of the country are also held here.

The Church of Our Lady of Miracles

This is also known by the name of St Jerome's Church. Located on St Jerome's road, the history of the church can be traced back to the year 1594. It was during this year that the church was first built. Thereafter, numerous reconstruction work have been carried out in the church. The last of such work was done in the year 1961, when a devastating fire caused immense harm to the church building. The church has some interesting architectural elements to grasp your attention like the gabled facade. However, the popularity of the church is more because of its feasts. There are two feasts organised in the church - the first one is dedicated to Our Lady of Miracles and is held on the third Sunday after easter. This feast is equally important for Hindus as well because the church, it is believed, stands on the spot where earlier a temple stood. The second feast is dedicated to St Jerome and is organised in the month of October.

Swiss Chapel

Located quiet close to the Municipal Building on the Jerome Road, this chapel has a charming cream and blue coloured wooden altar and shrine. The Holy Cross feast is held in the beginning of Lent. This is just 9 days before the Goa Carnival begins.

Getting There

By Road

On the Konkan Railway, Mapusa Road (6 Km north-east of town) is the nearest station, although it is not yet clear whether express trains will stop there in the future.

From the bus stand, there are public buses to Mumbai, Pune, Hubli, and Belagaum. Private operators have kiosks by the taxi and motorcycle stand, and offer coaches to Mumbai, Bangalore, Hampi and Mangalore.

There are frequent bus departures for Panaji and buses at least hourly to Calangute and Anjuna. Other buses go to Margao, Chapora and Candolim. A motorcycle to Anjuna or Calangute takes about 15 minutes.


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