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"Goa Cruises - Make your choice, a daytime cruise down the Mandovi river with a distant veiw of the beaches or a musical night on cruise with a romantic dinner. If you want some tranquility to serenade you then take a sunset cruise and treat your eyes to the hide and seek of hues of orange and red at the sunset. Goa Cruises are enjoyable as always."
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Goa Cruises are a star attractions. There are river cruises where you can enjoy the pleasures of boat as well as sea cruises options for you where you can sail through the vast oceans enjoying the awesome beauty of nature. There are various Cruise run from the shores of Goa, the most popular Mumbai to Goa Cruises, Goa River Cruise and Goa cruise package booking are very popular among the tourist. There are also various other options available for river cruise and sea cruise - theme and short and long cruises.

Goa River Cruises

Goa river cruise is an exclusive experience which adds some life long memories in your memorabilia. River Cruises on the Mandovi river is tremendously enjoyable experience which you should not miss out during your trip to Goa. Though there are a number of private operators running Goa river cruises. The best way to enjoy the beauty of river Mandovi is to undertake a cruise conducted by the GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation). There are variety options available to choose from - daytime, sunset and moonlight cruise. Goa cruise guide provide information on day cruises further categorised into two types - the first one is down the Mandovi river into the Zuari bay while the second one is up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring.

Goa Cruises, Goa
Goa Cruises, Goa

Santa Monica

Santa Monica (a well known name in Goa Cruises), the luxury launch operated by GTDC, will take you on an exciting trip every evening on river Mandovi. Around 200 people can take a trip together and enjoy the various live cultural entertainment programme. Also, there is a bar which serves quality drinks to satisfy you. You can also book the Santa Monica for throwing special parties yourself. However, hourly charges have to be paid in this case.

Mandovi River Cruise options Available

  • Sun Set Cruise - A one hour trip that costs Rs 100 per person. Cultural entertainment programme include troupes performing the Dekni Temple Dance, the Fugdi Dance and the Corredinho Dance (Portuguese peasant dance). A bit of sightseeing during the cruise is also on offer and you come across Reis Magos Church the Reis Magos Fort, the Aguada Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan to name a few. The cruise departs everyday at 6 pm.
  • Sun Down Cruise - This one starts off at 7. 15 in the evening and is also an hour's trip. Cultural entertainment programmes are the same as in the Sun Set Cruise.
  • Full Moon Cruise/Special Cruise- This one gives you an opportunity to enjoy the excitement of cruise trip for a bit longer period. The trip carries on for a period of two hours and, as per its name, offers a brilliant chance to enjoy the glittering beauty of moon. The cruise begins by 5.30 in the evening and continues upto 10.30 in the night. Per person charges are 150.

The best part about these cruises are that for children below 6 years of age, you do not have to buy a ticket. You can look forward for a fun trip with a bit of cost saving as well.

Apart from these, there are other private operators that conduct river cruises with interesting themes. Like for instance, you can pick up a cruise that takes you to spot the crocodiles in the backwaters.

Goa Sea Cruises

With Arabian Sea bordering the western portion of Goa, it is but quiet obvious that sea cruises are also an exciting option for you to undertake and enjoy.

Star Cruises

Star Cruises is a prestigious name on an international basis that provides wonderful cruise options. Even in India, they offer you a variety of cruise option to choose from. The Super Star Libra, that operates in India ( and also in the other parts of the continent of Asia) is more of a luxury resort, complete with restaurant & bars as well as sports and fitness centre. Moreover, you also have an opportunity to stay in luxury rooms - Executive Suites, Junior Suites and Ocean view Statesroom Suite. On board entertainment options include an open-style karaoke lounge, a discotheque, showlounge, cocktails and pre-dinner lounge with live entertainment.

However, to enjoy the complete pleasure of sea cruises, you will require to put in a bit of effort. Mumbai, which is around 600 km away, is the starting point of all the tours. So travel to Mumbai and pick up either of the cruise that you like. Alternatively, you can also board in Goa and enjoy a short trip.

  • Kadmat Island - Goa Cruise - This cruise begins from Mumbai in the evening and spends two full nights and a day before it reaches Kadmat island. After spending one full day at the Kadmat island, the cruise proceeds towards Goa. The next day is reserved for touring Goa. After a round in Goa, the cruise returns to Mumbai.
  • Kochi Goa Special Cruise - This one is also quiet similar to the previous cruise, with the only exception that the cruise tours Kochi instead of Kadmat island before reaching Goa
  • Mumbai Goa Cruise - This one is a short trip that starts off from Mumbai and heads straight for Goa. The two night cruise can be picked up if you have lesser time on your hand.


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