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"Time is here for Christmas celebrations in India, splendidly thrilling and electrifying to energize your weary souls. Christmas and New Year celebrations in Goa is the most galvanizing festive time when the entire city is adorned with captivating late night parties and cultural performances. Enjoy the most exotic festive cuisine and participate in religious ceremonies and prayers taking place in the holy churches."
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Christmas And New Year Spectacle

A Week of Extravaganza

It's again the Christmas time and New Year that we all have been waiting for the past 12 months. Morning chills, misty days, trampled leaves, all bring back the memories of the last year festivities when the family united with its dear ones, exchanging of the gifts took place, new resolutions were made, new hopes and aspirations fill every ones heart with happiness. Almost every country is in a festive mood with Christmas and New Year just round the corner. Huge celebration takes place in every section of the city. However there is something that sets the celebrations in India apart from all of them. Christmas is a holy festival and has large religious sentiments attached with it. Keeping this in mind, celebrations that take place in India maintain all the sanctity of the occasion mixed with heart pumping pomp and show. And one state that runs away with the crown for the best celebrations, is the small state of Goa. Be it Christmas or New Year, every soul in Goa enjoys heart out. One needs to be in the middle of it all to get the experience of the gala.

It's Christmas Time

From the beginning of December itself, one can feel the enthusiasm and excitement loom large in Goa . There is a peculiar bustling in the streets of Goa with people decorating their homes and shops, beautifying the roads and indulging in shopping. As 25th December comes closer, every person, no matter which religion he belongs to gets ready for some magical moments. You will be amazed to know that majority of the population in Goa is of Hindu community and Christians are there only in small numbers. But still Christmas is the festival that is celebrated with most flair and impetuosity. Take part in Christmas carols and visit magnificently decorated churches and homes or be a host and welcome Christmas carol parade to your home and enjoy their song and dance. Christmas celebrations in Goa are not confined to few areas. Every part of the state is immersed in the festivities. Beaches are the main center for the parties. It is as if the whole Goa has come out to the beaches. Loud music mixed with sumptuous dishes to eat and exquisite drinks to have, the merriment is at its apex. And even if you are away from your home, don't forget to decorate your own Christmas tree with all the stars and glitters.

Rest of India too, is completely absorbed in the Christmas festivities and its fervor. Visit any metropolitan city of India, and you will find the most extravagant preparations for the festival. Huge shows are organized at all corners of the city. Some of which boast of performances by big names in Bollywood industry.

Welcoming 2009 With a Gala - A New Year Treat

Even after the Christmas celebrations are over, the festive atmosphere never really settles down in Goa. Everyone is now anxious for the New Year eve. There are events almost on all days between Christmas and New Year that keep the people enthralled and in the mood. Most of these take place late at night, giving the reasons for party animals to stay out all night. The nightlife in Goa has surely come of age. There are many metro cities in India, but when it comes to nightlife, none can challenge the small state of Goa. Throughout the week, the beaches of Goa are drenched in colors of parties and enjoyment. If you already had a lot of parties and want to save your energy for the New Year eve, but still want to remain in the groove, there is just the kind of place that you might be craving for. Head to the many casinos and clubhouses or to the shopping malls of Goa. There is no better time to shop in Goa than around the New Year. Almost all shops have discount offers and lucky draws to attract as many visitors as possible. And when the New Year eve finally comes, there are nothing more scintillating than beaches of Goa. From the evenings itself, parties get started. And as the clock strikes 12, magnificent fireworks take over from the loud music, lighting up the night sky and greeting the New Year with a bang.

The scenes are not much different across India either. Same kind of enthusiasm and electric moods are found in every city of every state. The celebrations continue throughout the week making the entire country glitter in lights and magic. Experience the Indian Christmas and New Year celebration and discover a whole new way of enjoying every moment of the festival.

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